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Your Next Field Trip Destination? Check out one of Lift Lock Escape’s Escape Rooms!

Escape rooms are a great learning opportunity and challenging team-building exercise. Here’s why your next class field trip should be an escape room with your students.

Escape rooms have been popular with families, friends, and co-workers for about a decade. But, what about students and teachers?

The premise of an escape room is simple. Attendees are put in a room and must solve a series of interactive riddles, puzzles, or clues to accomplish the objective of the room. Innovation has blossomed in escape room development and all kinds of themes exist ranging from historical, to apocalyptic, to murder mystery.

Escape room puzzles require focus, attention, innovative thinking, problem-solving, confidence, teamwork, and the ability to follow directions. These are all things that teachers try to instill in students daily during their schooling!

An escape room field trip can be an original experience for your students and provide learning benefits outside school walls.

Here are some benefits of an escape room field trip for students…

Team Building and Cooperation Skills

Team building is an integral part of student education. Students learn how to cooperate and work with one another through various classroom activities and exercises. This is a major skill that they’ll apply in their daily lives as they continue to mature and grow into their careers and future. An escape room field trip can be an excellent way to build on these teamwork and cooperation skills.

The great part about escape rooms is that they often showcase varying skill sets, meaning no single student stands out as the winner or leader. All team members must use their unique problem-solving capabilities and skill sets to complete the room before the time is up! Even the most reserved students find ways to contribute and work toward a collective goal.

Personalize the Room for your Class

Escape room companies are often managed by small business owners who can tweak rooms or adjust them depending on unique requests. As a teacher, try reaching out to the manager to see if there are ways to customize the room according to your lesson plans. Sometimes, escape room companies may be able to incorporate math problems that are relevant to your recent lessons, or perhaps weave some historical touches into the room that relate to the curriculum. There are loads of ways to personalize an escape room if the company you’re working with is willing to be a little creative. Incorporating familiar or relevant concepts can also add to the excitement and relevance for your students!

Make Education Engaging

Students crave stimulation and unique lessons. It can sometimes be tough to maintain excitement in the classroom over time. An escape room field trip is an excellent way to allow the teacher to take a step back and let the students do the learning on their own. Leveraging an activity like an escape room can enhance education amidst new scenery and challenges.

Develop Cross-Functional Skills

The development of cross-functional skills is invaluable as a teacher. Escape rooms provide students with the opportunity to apply existing skills in a cross-functional way. Applying their education beyond the classroom can lead to additional creativity and problem-solving skills in the future.

Watch as your students employ fine motor skills, leadership skills, social skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and their school education to solve an escape room. Nothing can be more validating as a teacher than seeing your students employing all the skills they've learned, in a fun and engaging way!

Looking for an escape room field trip in the Peterborough area?

Check out Lift Lock Escape!

Our escape rooms are located in the heart of downtown Peterborough, Ontario. Our company provides unique fun-filled activities, including five indoor escape rooms as well as tons of board games! We work to bring the “big city” entertainment experience to Peterborough residents with our escape room offerings.

Currently, we are open by appointment only and are happy to accommodate groups of any size.

Contact us today to arrange your amazing field trip with us!

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