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Myth-busting Escape Room Misconceptions

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Have you heard some things about escape rooms that have stopped you from giving them a try? We bust some common myths and misunderstandings that you may have around escape rooms.

Myth #1: All Escape Rooms are Scary

This is one of the most common escape room myths that we encounter. The majority of escape rooms are NOT designed to intentionally have a horror or scary theme. In fact, at Lift Lock Escape, none of our rooms are scary. There are certainly some rooms that may have a fear factor, but as the customer, you get to select the room theme. If you're worried, simply ask the staff member registering you for the room if it has any scary elements or components. If a room isn’t suitable for you or someone in your group (ex. kids), you will know ahead of time based on the synopsis and information that the staff member provides you about the room.

The scariest part about escape rooms is the pressure you may put on yourself to win the challenge. Before entering the room, remind yourself and your teammates that even though your adrenaline may be pumping, it’s about the fun that’s going to be had during the escape room adventure!

Myth #2: Escape Rooms are Dangerous

Another common one among the many escape room myths that we hear. For any reputable company, escape room safety and overall guest wellbeing is always a top priority. Escape rooms are monitored closely by staff and staff are ready to deploy assistance, as needed. All legal Ontario escape rooms must abide by the building and fire code in the province and you can ask to see proof of that as well!

Myth #3: You are Trapped in the Room

This myth piggybacks off of the previous one about safety. Many escape room customers are worried that they’ll be trapped in the room and not able to get out during an emergency or if they’re feeling uncomfortable. The truth is that you will never be physically trapped inside of a room at any time. If you need to leave the escape room at any time during the game, you are always welcome to open the door and step out (even if you just need a breather or washroom break).

Myth #4: Staff are Watching & Laughing at You

This is another common trope that can be added to our list of escape room misconceptions. Staff regularly monitor escape rooms to make sure that guests are safe and enjoying the experience. It’s even true that they may intervene if guests are destroying pieces of the room, are becoming upset or confrontational with each other, or just help the team find their next clue. Escape room staff are not there to laugh at your ability or your skill. They are there to act as a guide and liaison for your team and the overall escape room safety.

Myth #5: Escape Rooms aren’t for Kids

This is one of the most common escape room misconceptions - and it couldn’t be farther from the truth! Kids (especially kids in the preteen/teenage categories) thrive with experiential entertainment like escape rooms. Kids are imaginative and are more able to fully immerse themselves in the story. They can pick up on unique pieces of the room, solve puzzles with a fresh or new perspective, and help to add fun to the room. If you’re concerned about escape room safety with your children, just be sure to ask staff to explain their protocols ahead of time.

Myth #6: I’ll be Locked in with Strangers

Another classic in the escape room myths that we hear! 99% of Canadian escape rooms are private experiences, meaning that you must bring your own team ahead of entering the escape room. Simply put, it’s hard to be locked into a room with strangers when this isn’t even an option in Canada. Unless you count the group that you walked in as “strangers”, you’ll always be familiar with the players in the room with you.

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