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Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Escape Room Enthusiast

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Do you have an avid escape room fan in your family or friend group? Here are some perfect escape room gifts that might just be the “key” to their heart!

Escape rooms have amassed a cult following. There’s no doubt that those who are passionate about escape room games are very passionate! Whether it’s an upcoming birthday, holiday, or another occasion - we’ve gathered some great escape room gift ideas that will impress even the most seasoned escape room veteran.

Let’s take a look at some gift ideas, shall we?

Escape Room Gift Card(s)

A gift card may seem obvious for an escape room fan. Trust us, your friend will love it. For those who are passionate about escape rooms, there’s no such thing as too many escape room missions. An even better addition to the gift is to schedule a date and time with your friend or family member as soon as they receive the gift if they’d like you to be a part of their crew. There’s nothing more special than a great experience with great friends.

An alternative to an escape room gift card is just to plan a surprise escape room adventure. Don’t tell your friend, partner, or family member where you’re headed, and surprise them with an afternoon of fun.

Escape Room Board Games

Why not bring the escape room experience home with an escape room board game? This gift idea is perfect for an escape room fan - and there are dozens of versions on the market depending on their age and skill level. A few of the more popular board games include Unlock!, Deckscape, and Exit: The Game. Here at Lift Lock Escape, we carry a stock of these games just check with us to see what we have available.

Key and Padlock Necklace (or Jewelry)

If you’re looking for a sentimental gift that symbolizes a true love for escape rooms - try shopping for a simple key and padlock necklace or bracelet. This would be a thoughtful gift for a romantic partner who has a passion for escape rooms. If you’re considering a jewelry gift for your best friend, you could get two necklaces (one with a lock, one with a key) to symbolize your friendship and your shared excitement for escape rooms.

Puzzle Boxes or Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzles

Chances are that the person you’re buying a gift for likes to have their mind challenged a bit. Try looking for a puzzle box (which takes specific steps to open) or wooden brain teaser puzzles (must solve and then put back together). Both of these are similar to escape rooms in that they challenge the mind and offer some entertainment as you try to solve them. Who knows, maybe your gift will be the start of a new obsession!

Personalized Escape Room magnets, mugs, T-Shirts

Some escape rooms carry some little tokens, such as magnets, mugs, and T-shirts, that you can purchase as a keepsake of the good time you had with family and friends. These make great gifts to always remember that great or even disastrous escape room attempt.

Here at Lift Lock Escape, we have designed magnets for most of our themed escape rooms, that you can purchase from our front desk.

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