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6 Reasons to Try an Escape Room

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

people posing as Indiana after succeeding in Final Crusade Escape Room
Indianas playing Final Crusade Escape Room at Lift Lock Escape

Escape rooms are the perfect activity to get out of the house with your crew this year. An escape room activity can be a great outing for work teams, families, friends, and couples.

As the provincial government eases back COVID-19 restrictions in Ontario, escape rooms are making a comeback as a safe and exciting way to get out of the house and spend an afternoon together. Escape rooms are known for their combination of puzzles, riddles, mind games, teamwork, and critical thought. Escape rooms are one of the most fun activities that you can try with a small to a medium-sized group.

Read on to learn why!

  1. Sharpen the Brain For those who may not know how an escape room works, it’s essentially a large interactive puzzle that’s laid out (usually) across an entire room. The whole escape room may take you several steps to find the clues, solve the puzzles, and put it all together to finally free yourself. Usually, there is also a time limit to the scenario. This is why the experience is so aptly named an “escape room”. With all of those puzzles and clues, putting together the complex pieces in the escape room can be challenging. It may even take multiple people or perspectives to solve a single clue. Often, the fun part is that a group’s personality and unique abilities start to work together throughout the process. As your team improves and becomes more confident with your skills, you can scale up to more challenging rooms too!

  2. Outdoor Escape Rooms Innovative escape room companies have pivoted their room designs to be more pandemic safe and incorporate some outdoor elements. For those who want to get active but also want the added fun of a challenge, try an outdoor escape room! A Peterborough escape room company, Lift Lock Escape, offers a seasonal historic walking adventure through the city’s downtown core that doubles as a 90-minute outdoor escape room. Seems like an easy sell for families or a couple looking to have an active day together.

  3. Perfect for any Audience Escape rooms come in hundreds of different themes and can work for just about any audience and at any age. Lift Lock Escape, a Peterborough escape room company, offers a superhero-themed room, a true jail-themed room, and some historic-themed rooms to draw you into the puzzle from start to finish. Groups of friends, corporate teams, couples, families are all suited to escape rooms - and everyone has a different experience or result depending on whom they go with!

  4. Support Local Businesses As the pandemic restrictions continue to ease off in Ontario, small businesses that are reopening are ready for your support. If you’re looking for an inexpensive and unique activity that will get you out of the house, escape rooms fit the bill. Almost all escape rooms are owned and operated by local community members who greatly appreciate your business.

  5. Corporate escape rooms? Say no more. Team-building exercises in the workplace can be challenging to keep people engaged and excited. Breaking the ice, especially in a professional atmosphere, is hard! Corporate escape rooms are the perfect outlet for team-building exercises and to take your business and office relationships to the next level. Book a private party and take an afternoon off with your staff to try an escape room together.

  6. Make it a full afternoon with board games and VR! Most escape room companies offer more than just a single experience for their customers. Our Peterborough escape room company, Lift Lock Escape, also offers virtual reality equipment and board games. Call your local escape room to learn more about what they offer and plan accordingly! Some escape rooms may not have food on-site but will allow you to bring snacks to really make it a full afternoon. Escape rooms, snacks, board games… Could there be anything better?


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