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The safety and comfort of our staff and guests are our highest priority during this time. We are implementing a variety of new measures to reduce contact and increase sanitization and cleaning procedures.

  • Reduced Capacity: We have increased the buffer time between our games to allow more time for cleaning, and to stagger different bookings, avoiding overcrowding our lobby. We kindly ask you to arrive just 5 - 10 minutes earlier than your appointment and to avoid being late. Please also note we do not offer birthday seating for cake or food during this time. Also, we will have limited prepackaged food/snacks available.

  • Sanitization: We have added extra time between our games to do a full sanitization and clean in between bookings. All counters, payment systems, and surfaces will be sanitized in between customer use. We highly recommend using the restrooms before coming to our facility.

  • Masks & Hand sanitizers: All customers upon entering our facility can sanitize their hands. All of our staff will be wearing face coverings, and we encourage our customers to do so, as well. As of August 1st, 2020, wearing masks will be mandatory in all indoor public places in Peterborough. Please make sure to wear one to our facility. 

  • Physical Distancing: We encourage physical distancing. Our staff will be maintaining a 6-foot (2 meters) distance from you at all times. Please practice physical distancing if another team happens to be in the lobby at the same time as you. All our tables in the lobby will be 2 meters apart. 

  • Social Bubble: Currently, as a part of the stage 3 re-opening phase, indoor escape rooms are only playable within your social bubble. Please book our indoor escape rooms only if your team is within your social bubble. All our games were and will be private bookings. 

  • No Cancellation Fee: If you feel sick or unwell for any reason please kindly send us an email and cancel your reservation with us. There will be no cancellation fee and we hope to see you back when you feel better.

  • Weekdays open by advanced appointment only: Please note that Sunday-Thursday we will be open by advanced appointments only. You can easily book your adventure online here. 

Please note we want you to have fun but also care about keeping you and our staff safe. We're implementing changes to our games and procedures to follow the guidelines to keep everyone safe.
Please help us achieve this. We're all in this together. 
If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please email us at

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